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Market Stats Webinars

April 16, 2020 11:43 AM Comment(s) By Amy

How to Read Market Stats

The Real Estate Market is rapidly changing every week. Now more than ever, having quality, timely market stats is essential to monitoring your market. We are delivering an education webinar series for staff and leadership on how to read and monitor market stats. This is a vendor-neutral, market-neutral, 30-minute online meeting. No matter what solution you use, these tips will apply to all tools. 

Outline for the first session:

·  Why Weekly stats are more revealing than Monthly stats now.

·  Which metrics are changing—and which aren’t--and by how much.

·  What to look for next and when.

We're offering several days/times for each session , so you only need to sign up for one. Click on your preferred link below to register.

Tuesday, April 21st @ 1pm Pacific

Thursday, April 23rd @ 10am Pacific