Domus Analytics

Once Upon a Time...

...we bought a house. Our agent became our friend, and then she became the President of the local real estate association. She knew that we were "nerdy data people" from Silicon Valley, and asked for our help in evaluating market stats vendors for the association. We reviewed their goals, did a competitive analysis; and weren't terribly impressed with any of the solutions.  We confidently responded with “We can do that, hire us!” And they did. Working in a close partnership, we constructed what would become the backbone of our industry-leading analytics, positioned the Association as economic thought-leaders in the local market, and gained rapid adoption across stakeholders in the region. We proceeded to do that as a side project to our regular jobs for several years. 

In 2015, we looked around the market, and observed that not much had changed in the world of real estate statistics, and decided to do something about it. We launched a major upgrade, moved to the cloud with a fully interactive platform, and set out to bring excellence to everyone. Since then, we've added several products to the mix, and just completed yet another major platform upgrade.

Domus Analytics is the culmination of over 3 decades of academic statistical knowledge, enterprise-grade data analytics, modern technology, and professional consulting service delivery. We bring knowledge, expertise, and experience together to create the best market statistics solution available in real estate today.

Who We Are

Ed has over 25 years of experience in data analytics, visualization, and information technology. He’s led analytics and professional services groups for large Fortune 100 companies and small start-ups. He started his career working on the data side of credit and finance, before moving to Silicon Valley in 1999.  Since then he worked in a variety of industries and fields, continually focused on analytics. His dot-com and high-tech experience gave him the foundation to marry customer-focused statistical analysis with technology, and make it available to non-geeks.

Ed holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia (1992), and a Master of Science in Operations Research from Stanford (1993).

Ed Gianos

Founder & Managing Partner

Amy Gianos

Managing Partner

Amy has a long history of implementing enterprise-class Business Intelligence solutions at Fortune 100 companies including Intuit and Microsoft. While she’s had a strong focus on technology-oriented companies, she also worked in several smaller organizations and various start-ups during her career in roles from Operations to Client Services. She’s passionate about using data to drive decisions, and likes to spend her “spare time” creating beautiful data visualizations. Or singing showtunes. Seriously, invite her out to karaoke.

Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles (1993).

Susan Bowen

Susan's super power is understanding what you're really trying to do and why, answering the questions you didn't even know to ask.

Board Member

Rene Larro

Rene's a veteran Silicon Valley executive having rung the NYSE bell on his last IPO.  Now he's designing software that will literally cure cancer.

Board Member

Kris Layman

Kris brings decades of in-the-trenches real estate experience, and can even help answer questions like, "How can a listing be both active and pending?"

Board Member

Kiyomi Otani

Kiyomi's hyper-focused customer service success underscores why we're all in business:  solve the problem.

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