Domus Analytics

​Domus Public

for Associations or MLSs

Take control of your PR, Media, Research, and more with tools designed just for you.  Associations and MLSs have multiple needs for market stats which may include:

    • Publishing stats on a public-facing website
    • Communicating with local news outlets or on social media
    • Providing market analysis for local government or business to inform policy and project decisions
    • Issuing press releases about market conditions
    • Answering questions from members
    • ...and more!

Whatever your use case, Domus can help.  Our Public deployment package includes all of the stats you need to communicate about your market publicly.  This means your members and the general public will have easy access to the right information at the right time, while you maintain your status as the trusted Voice of the Market.  

You can also extend a Site License to your entire membership.

Domus Market Infographic

A 1-Page attractive market summary, meant for posting online or printing.  Endless designs, graphics and photos to choose from, or you can provide your own.  Use in marketing, PR, listing presentations, open houses or embed on your website.

Domus Market Snapshot

A high-level view of the market to embed on the Association or MLS website.  Now available with a map interface.  Minimum filtering with no drill-through, this dashboard is meant to answer the quick questions, and ultimately drive members of the public to their agent for more detailed analysis.

Can be a stand-alone dashboard, or used as a launchpad to Market Review.

Domus Market Review

For everyone who "just wants a PDF to send to clients", this is the answer.  Static PDFs are dead, and that's not what this is.  This is updated and available early in the month just like all of our dashboards.  It has current results, trends, and comparisons, for 13-month and year-over-year time frames.  Plus it easily prints to an 8.5x11 output.  Stop publishing dozens of documents on your website each month and use this single interactive dashboard instead.

Domus Data Audit

How do you know if your current market statistics are correct?  Sometimes the only way to know is to conduct a line by line audit.  And we've done that.  A lot.  So much in fact that we've formalized the process to the point where we can offer data auditing as a service to you.  There's no commitment, and you don't have to purchase any of our other products.  We will audit your current stats solution and provide discrepancies and recommendations.  And if you choose to purchase a Domus product Suite, we'll credit you back the entire amount.

Included as part of every deployment, and available as a single, stand-alone purchase.