Domus Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses questions that come up about our product features and analytics topics in general. If you're an active user and you're looking for support about how to use the dashboards, refer to the training and support links from your dashboard directly. 

Product FAQ

Which MLS platforms do you integrate with?

Domus is system agnostic, so we can integrate data from any MLS platform.  We are built to be RESO Data Dictionary compliant, but we can also work with non-compliant data feeds.

Do you use RETS or API?

We use both, however we primarily use RETS.   Despite what you may have heard or been told, API for Replication is in ongoing development in the industry, and the RESO standards are still being refined today.  We would love to spend timing chatting with you in lots of tedious technical weeds about why we still prefer RETS.  That being said, we are fully API for GRID clients at this time. 

What if I want "non-standard" filters included in the dashboards?

If there's a field included in your MLS data that you would like to include as a filter, we'll review it and advise you on the statistical stability of including it. Keep in mind that Domus is meant to be used for economic analysis, not as a property search tool. Things like number of bathrooms don't really have have a material impact on the economics of a certain segment. More important from a data analysis perspective, as more granularity is added to the filters, the number of listings that fit that criteria shrinks, making the economic analysis less relevant overall. For example, if there are 100 units sold in an area with a median price of $200K, and you add a filter for 4+ bedrooms, there may only be 5 listings meeting that criteria. A median of 5 listings is far less relevant than a median over a larger population.

Does Domus offer maps with custom selection criteria (“polygon maps”)?

Yes, those maps look cool.  But the Domus platform doesn’t currently support them.  In most cases, the MLS already defines unique economic areas within the data, which we then use in our dashboards.  And honestly, while polygons are great for Search, market stats are about the economics of an area which typically have a bigger footprint than what most agents choose in a polygon. Remember, the more data you included in the stats, the more accurately those stats portray the market.  We do have "mapping" on our product roadmap, but it's based on defined maps and areas rather than custom selects.

Can I post charts to Facebook or other social media sites?

Of course, as long as your usage remains within compliance of your MLS policies. All of our dashboards can be exported then posted to your social media of choice, while the public dashboards which don't have drill-through capabilities enabled can be shared directly.