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We enable more informed decision making around the largest financial investment of people's lives by making analytics accurate, relevant, and easy to understand.

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Many market stats look the same, so choosing the right one can be hard! Here's how Domus stands above the rest.

Customized Solutions

Every market is unique, and you need a platform that can address those needs. Whether it's adding different filters on the front end, or implementing custom logic in the database, our unique “semi-custom” approach enables custom-software flexibility at out-of-the-box prices. And of course we brand it to you!

Data Quality

How do you know your market stats are correct?  If you're using PDF reports, you don't. Even if you're using another interactive product, it may be wrong. Our solutions deliver the data transparency needed to verify results. We also perform audits on the data as it's processed through our warehouse, and those records are provided back to the client for correction. 

Software as a Service

We are constantly evolving and improving our products, and integrating our experiences and learnings from clients to deliver a best-in-class solution. There's no software to install or maintain, and deployment is as easy as adding a hyperlink to your website, Avoid yesterday’s stale technology and focus on modern, cloud-based solutions that scale and change with your needs. 

Your Analytics Partner

Analytics are often a small part of a large company. For us, it's our whole company, and we're passionate about it. We strive to earn your business every day, and want you to stay not because of a restrictive contract, but because you find value in the relationship. Don't just buy a product, hire a partner. 

Premier Market Statistics Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Domus Analytics® has solutions for Multiple Listing Services, Associations, Brokers, REALTORS®, Appraisers, Economists, or anyone else who needs to access information on the real estate market.