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I guess it's time to start a blog

September 16, 2019 12:19 PM Comment(s) By Amy

The "be greater than average" blog

We discussed.  We debated.  We flipped a coin for it and I lost won.  The decision was made that as part of our new website (YAY!), we will now be blogging.  Mostly it will be about data and analytics related stuff.  There will probably be some real estate musings in there.  And I'll admit right now that there will be weeks when I just can't get my mind off the mozarella so you may get a pizza recipe or two.  Hey, I'm from Chicago, it happens.

So my first task was to name the blog.  In keeping with our tradition, I immediately started searching for the Latin word for 'blog'.  As you can imagine, there's no direct translation.  The most interesting word I stumbled across was scriptus (‘something written’), then extending that to scriptus electronicus (‘electronic writing’) was in the lead for some time.  The challenge, of course, was just how long that darn name is.  So as I mulled over many other options, practicing my latin pronunciations out loud, Ed said "just call it be greater than average, like our pin; that's who we are".  Secretly I think he's just jealous that my foreign language accents are better than his and he wanted me to stop talking.  But here we are, with the "B>Average" blog anyway.  I hope you enjoy it.  I hope you learn something now and again. But mostly I hope I don't get any mean comments cause I'm not sure my fragile ego could take.  Nevermind, I'm turning off the comments section. Problem solved!

Now go forth and be greater.