Domus Analytics

Training Videos & Documents - Version 3

These training videos cover multiple subjects areas, for the most basic users to the wanna-be data geeks, for the version 3 platform. How do you know if you're on version 3?  In the bottom right corner of the dashboard is a little "bime" logo. Note that we are no longer developing on this platform, and will be converting all active clients to version 4 by the end of the year.

Each video focuses on a single topic or functionality, and is no longer than 5 minutes, so you can watch them as your schedule allows. If you prefer reading to watching, you can download the instructions instead. We especially love to hear from our clients on what else they want to learn, so send us your requests or ideas! 

Using Filters
Access & Export MLS Data
Export a Single Chart
Export a Tab
Export Results to Excel
Post a Chart to Facebook
Navigate on Mobile