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Billings Association of REALTORS® Support Page

Welcome to the Support page for Billings Association of REALTORS®.  Information on this page is for the use of Domus Analytics by your staff and leadership, and should not be shared outside of this purpose.

Important Notes

  1. Almost everything in the dashboards can be configured to your needs. Whether it's different filters, adding or removing metrics, changing colors, etc., we will work with you to make sure your members get value from the dashboards.
  2. The dashboards are read-only, so don't worry - you can't break anything!  If something looks weird or out of whack, just refresh the page in your browser. Easy peasy lemon squeezy :-)
  3. If you have time, take a few minutes to review each dashboard with our Self Guided Tour.  Additional training material can be found in the Domus University knowledge base.

Your Customized Domus Products

Public Market Snapshot

A limited-interactive market view available to the public, meant to embed on the Association or MLS website.