Why Domus

Why use Domus Analytics

We’re passionate about two things: data, and helping people use it to drive better decisions. That’s why we’ve built a company around it. We spend all day, every day, dealing with data, so we know it backwards and forwards and upside down. Whether it’s high-tech, pharmaceutical, marketing, web-traffic, or real estate data, the principles are the same. We have the subject matter expertise and have built a scalable infrastructure to deliver the best possible solution to you. Just like you wouldn’t ask us to organize a house showing for you, we don’t think anyone should ask you to generate advanced analytics from MLS data. We’re the experts at manipulating the data so that you don’t have to be. Besides, your time is better spent selling houses and servicing your clients that dealing with databases.

Why you need analytics now

With all the resources available online these days, buyers and sellers don’t need to use realtors anymore. One of the best ways to show your value and remain relevant to the transaction is to bring additional intelligence to the conversation. There are multiple, publicly accessible methods for an individual to determine comps for their area. However, just knowing the comps doesn’t answer the question “Is now a good time to sell”? A savvy realtor will utilize all the tools at their disposal, including analytics and reporting, to answer that question and others, and to remain a trusted adviser to their clients.

Empower your REALTORS® to speak as market experts quickly and easily. A simple remark like “The market is good now” is transformed into powerful factual statements like “For your area of town, the median price has increased 8% month over month, MSI has dropped to 2.9, closed-to-list ratios are climbing over 101%, and inventory has dropped 22% in the last 3 months, making it a good time to list a home if you’re considering it.” A statement like this would take only moments to generate on Domus Analytics.

Benefits for Associations

  • Provide value to your membership.
  • Provide accurate reporting to the community, media, and other stakeholders.
  • Lead the news cycle, set the tone rather than respond to it.
  • Maintain the single source of truth for the market, with all entities referring to the same set of facts.
  • Be compliant with Core Standards reporting requirements.

Benefits for REALTORS

  • Understand and communicate market facts and trends with clients; not perceptions and ideas.
  • Write specific, accurate, timely pitch proposals.
  • Easy to use, ultra-low-complexity, top-down analysis designed with REALTORS® in mind.
  • Neutral third party market analysis maximizes credibility in discussions.