Training Videos

We know REALTORS® are busy people. And they don’t make money unless they’re selling. So it’s understandably hard to find the time to participate in an hour long training session, either in-person or online. That’s why we’ve developed short training videos. Each video covers a single focused topic or functionality, and is no longer than 5 minutes, so you can watch them as your schedule and interest allows.

Connect with your primary Association or Brokerage contact for details on how to access the videos.

Topic Areas

We cover many areas in training, for the most basic users to the wanna-be data geeks. The list below is just a sample of what we offer. We’re always adding new content, and we especially love to hear from our clients on what they want to learn next!

  • General Navigation
  • Using filters
  • Drill-down into the data
  • Exporting in multiple formats
  • Using data for pitch packages