Superior Service

Domus Analytics is proud of our exceptional service and support. Our background is in client-focused professional services, and it’s in our DNA to understand your challenges and goals, and then push our platform to its limits to meet your needs.

Pre-Sales Assistance

We know you have a lot of questions about our products, and we have a lot of questions about your needs. We want to understand your market, your members, your data, and your requirements. We’ll map that against what Domus Analytics is really good at, and give you an honest, clear picture of how it all works together. We’re happy to engage with as many decision makers and stakeholders as necessary to bring everyone on-board.

Pre-Launch Collaboration

The time between “We’ll take it!” and when Domus is live is typically when most of the heavy-lifting occurs, and when the most direct engagement with you is required. Our process guides you through identifying primary requirements and risks, testing, deployment, and launch.

Post-Launch Support

Once your instance of Domus Analytics is live, we provide ongoing “second-tier” support through each Association. This means that associations members raise issues, bugs, concerns, feature requests (or flattering comments) with a designated primary contact/”first-tier support” in the Association. This model allows a quicker response on our end to critical issues, and insures the continuous quality and accuracy of the data in your environment.

Updates and Upgrades

The only constant is change. What’s important this year was less important last year, and visa-versa. As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, we’ll work with you to adapt and with your market conditions. We’re constantly evolving and improving our products, and will continue to integrate our experiences and learnings from our entire client base to deliver a best-in-class solution.


The best tools in the world are worthless unless people know how to use them, which is why we’re available to help you. We provide comprehensive training guides for your association, which works well for large, distributed populations, or users who like to learn on their own time.

We’re also available to conduct live remote and/or on-site training sessions for either direct-to-end-user or train-the-trainer scenarios.