Market Add-ons

For associations that choose either Domus Market Insights or Domus Market Essentials, there are several supplementary products available.

Domus Market MonitorDomus Market Monitor

Domus Market Monitor is a small, high-level widget meant to be prominently displayed on your website.

It shows the current value of several key metrics, such as Median Price, Units Sold, Inventory, and more. These metrics can be customized to your unique market needs.  Domus Market Monitor also displays the percentage change from the prior month. As with all our products, once this is coded into your website, there is no additional maintenance or changes needed on the client side.


Domus Market Snapshot
Domus Market Snapshot screenshot

Domus Market Snapshot is a dashboard without the interactivity or drill-through details of our main products.

It’s designed to share trends and high-level metrics out to the public, and contains significantly more information than Market Monitor. It can also easily be exported to a pdf document for associations needing distribution capabilities. The metrics can be customized to each unique market’s needs. As with all our products, once this is coded into your website, there is no additional maintenance on the client side.


DomusLink PDF Support

You asked, we listened. Static, distributable market reports have been standard practice for a long time, and we understand that change is hard. To assist you in the transition to interactive analytics, we’ve developed a solution that connects directly to the Domus platform. It’s on the same beginning of the month refresh cycle, and allows you to add your interpretation and commentary to the results before sending the final document to your stakeholders. Like all other Domus products, it’s completely customizable to your branding and requirements.

Domus Admin Dashboard

Domus Admin is included with all Domus products, and the dashboard is designed specifically for the client contact. This is a place to put specific charts and objects that are new and being tested, perhaps only being used occasionally, or not meant for public or member distribution. This dashboard is meant for one person–you.

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