Interactive Advantage

Domus Analytics is the most advanced, comprehensive, and customizable solution available in the market today to visualize and analyze economic trends in your housing market.

Analyze your market

Associations and their members spend hours or more each month gathering data from the MLS system and massaging it into consumable and usable formats. But time is a commodity that will never increase. So you shouldn’t be wasting yours slugging away at a complex query tool or cutting and pasting data into error-prone spreadsheets.

Domus Insights, On Market, Area FilterHow is Interactive Analytics better than static reports?

Lots of ways! Imagine if all the information you needed was available within seconds, in exactly the graphic or chart you want, and additional slicing & dicing through the data happened in real-time in front of your eyes? Now imagine if you spent your time really analyzing your data in terms of market trends, economic factors, and political climate? Your time is valuable. Spend it analyzing and interpreting your market rather than pecking for facts. Domus Market Analytics takes you there.

Our platform gives you control to not only “get the answer,” but to drill into the details of why. Is there a particular area that had a higher than normal median price or units sold? Was there an abnormal shift in conditions driving down prices? Or maybe there were particular realtors who didn’t get their sales logged into the MLS until half-way through the month. These are all questions that can be answered when you have the ability to dig deeper into the data.

Interactive analytics are more accurate than static reports. Using the example above, if several agents don’t normally enter their sales until later in the month, a PDF created earlier becomes out of date! A PDF only reflects the data at a particular point in time, and that data can change for a variety of reasons. 

We understand that publishing a PDF is “the way it’s always been done,” and change is hard. But as soon as that all that information is distributed, you’ve removed yourself from the discussion. Stop globally distributing those PDFs to retain control of the message and drive the conversations back to you.

If you still really, really want to distribute a PDF, all of the interactive charts can be exported in multiple formats. So rather than being limited to sending out high level area groups, for example, you can customize a chart to represent only the area you’re focused on for your client, then export and share it. It’s this personal level of attention that increases your credibility, and ultimately drives up sales.