Domus Platform

Domus Analytics uses modern cloud technology to bring you low-cost, enterprise-grade business intelligence that’s always-on, always-ready, and scales effortlessly no matter the size of your user base.

Unparalleled flexibility and analysis capabilities

Our unique “semi-custom” approach enables custom-software flexibility at out-of-the-box prices. One size doesn’t fit all, so Domus Analytics matches the uniqueness of your market.

  • Instant, easy access to your analytics
  • Simple, interactive user interface, allowing every user to slice-and-dice through the data and customize based on individual needs
  • Fully interactive charts: select a dimension, and everything recalculates in real-time.
  • Download charts, results, data and listings for additional analysis or sharing
  • No platform lock-in: Export charts to image files or calculated data to excel, and export underlying listings.

Easy Deployment

  • No software to install.
  • No data to update.
  • Domus Analytics requires appropriate RETS access from your MLS.
  • Branded to your association and easily published through your association website.
  • Password-protected access for your membership.

Data Quality Auditing

As part of our standard business practices, we perform about 50 different auditing scripts on all MLS data. We look for things from inconsistencies in fields, like a letter where a number should be, to missing values, to duplicate values, and everything else in between. This insures the quality of the data not only within our database, but also within the results delivered to our clients via the platform. As an additional benefit, we provide the negative results of our audits back to each MLS directly so they can correct the problems at the source.

Scaled Architecture

The Domus Platform is built to scale, and can easily handle regions and states that span multiple MLSs.  The enables Domus to support analytics at the State level, Regional level, and Association level.  If you have large-scale or unique needs, contact us for a custom engagement to see how the Domus platform can meet your needs.