CMLS 2017 Conference – Austin

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We’re excited to be attending the 2017 CMLS Confernece in Austin on September 14th and 15th. We have a table on the expo floor and are looking forward to meeting you.

Take a look around our Website

You’ve likely found this page because we reached out to you in email as a Association Executive, MLS Executive, or Leadership Team member.  We’ve put a lot of information here, but screenshots don’t do Domus Analytics justice.  Take a look around, review our outline, and we welcome any questions you have. You can also view our brief Intro Video.

Reserve an appointment

We’re staying off-site, but if your schedule requires us to meet outside of the conference time windows, please let Ed Gianos know.

Help us help you!

In order to make the best use of our brief time, here’s the questions we will ask you:

  • What unique aspects of your market are valuable to know?
  • Do you prepare analysis internally, within your membership, or via a 3rd party?
  • Would you consider your current analysis basic or advanced?
  • What pain-points or gaps do you have in preparing your current analysis?

Our best conversations are with the Leadership of an MLS or association, as well as trusted real estate Practitioners. We’re also happy to engage with any Technical/IT personnel who’d like to participate in the discussions.

What we’ll cover

We’ll give you a quick background on Domus Analytics, the problems we solve, and our market positioning. But we’ll spend most of the time giving you a Demo of our product in action, and let you actually try it out for yourself.

We’re on your needs and your members. We understand that there may be a few takeaways and follow-ups after the meeting, and are happy to followup with a larger team and go into more detail after Austin.